Marika Frady, Esq.

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Attorney Marika Frady is a proud Colorado Springs native.  She graduated from the University of Colorado School of Law with a Juris Doctorate degree.  While in law school she was elected to the national position of President of NAPALSA (the National Asian and Pacific American Law Student Association) and oversaw thousands of law students across the United States.  She was also named an associate editor for the Colorado Journal of International Environmental Law and Policy.  In 2003, she published Developments in Land Based Pollution: From Sewer to Shining Sea.

Ms. Frady was a prosecutor for six years in the busiest District Attorney’s office in Colorado.  She worked on cases ranging from felonies including violent crimes and domestic violence to misdemeanors and traffic offenses.  She was assigned the responsibility of determining charging and filing decisions for over 1,000 juvenile delinquency criminal cases.  Her extensive courtroom experience and experience with charging countless cases has given her a varied and expansive understanding of the law.

She appreciates her experience as a prosecutor but learned that office politics sometimes outweighed achieving justice.  Her interest in starting her own law practice was grounded in a desire to help people who may be unsure or distrusting of the legal process.  She knows how the system works and she will not sugar coat your situation.  She is straight forward and results-oriented in her approach to representing clients.

Ms. Frady is an expert in dependency and neglect law.  She spends countless hours in court protecting families from unwarranted interference from social service government agencies. She is in court every day of the week protecting her clients’ rights and guiding them through the legal landscape.

In 2017, Ms. Frady was named to a task force whose mission is to help provide incarcerated parents with the programs and services they need in order to successfully parent upon their release.  These types of programs are limited at many Department of Corrections facilities but important to families.

Ms. Frady’s other main areas of practice include DUI DWAI and drunk driving defense, criminal defense, juvenile law, and family law.  She also handles social security claims and prepares wills.

If you have a legal issue in Colorado Springs and greater El Paso and Teller Counties, contact attorney Marika Frady today to schedule a consultation.