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COLORADO SPRINGS FAMILY LAW & DIVORCE: The end of a marriage is a serious, personal matter and you need a serious, experienced divorce representative who will listen closely and guide you appropriately. Let The Frady Law Firm guide you through yourdivorce process and keep you informed of every step along the way.

Colorado Springs DUI Colorado Springs DUI

The Frady Law Firm is dedicated to providing you with aggressive representation defense of your DUI or DWAI. Find out why greater Colorado Springs chooses this top DUI attorney for drunk driving related criminal cases. Also serving El Paso, Teller, Pueblo and Douglas counties on all traffic and misdemeanor cases.

Dependency and Neglect Dependency and Neglect

Has the department of human services opened a case against you? Dependency and Neglect law may be unfamiliar territory. Often these cases feel accusatory and criminal in nature but there are steps you can take and arguments that can be made to help your family get to normal again. Consult an attorney for guidance. Consultations with The Frady Law Firm are always free.

  •         Avoid attorneys who make you feel like you’re working for them. The Frady Law Firm works for you. My approach is personalized and focused on finding the best outcome for your legal situation with quality representation and the best value for your money.

            You won’t pay to be consulted by secretaries and legal assistants. You aren’t footing the bill for fancy law offices with huge staff and iPads everywhere. Your case won’t be watered down to a checklist.

            We are a local small business serving Colorado Springs and greater El Paso County including Fountain, Monument, Manitou Springs, and Woodland Park.  We also serve Teller County, Pueblo and Castle Rock.

            So take charge of your case now.  Contact us today to schedule your free face-to-face initial consultation (up to 1/2 hour, over $100 value).  In the meantime, I invite you to read the testimonials on this website for an idea of the type of representation you can expect as a client of The Frady Law Firm.

    by Marika Frady, Esq., Owner and Attorney at The Frady Law Firm
  • “Marika Frady is a rare individual, in the sense that she is confident in her own skills and constantly working to improve herself. She has few shortcomings that interfere with her strong abilities. Marika is of the breed that takes full ownership of the well being of her clients or legal issues that she is positioned against, and will single-handedly assure its success, if need be.

    Marika understands the technical underpinnings of our legal system, to a deeper level than is minimally required, as well as current events surrounding our justice system that has an impact to the daily lives of Colorado citizens. It’s that combination of thought leadership and personal discipline that sets Marika apart and assures her continual success. I look forward to watching her practice grow and become a deeply rooted success story for the City of Colorado Springs.”

    by Victor N
  • “I would like to send my great appreciation to the best lawyer around.  Not only did she provide superior advice and expertise in my case, but she was also willing to treat me as a person not just a client.  It would have been a much more difficult experience for me without her guidance, understanding, and willingness to achieve the best results.  Thank you so much Marika, you made a difficult experience go as smoothly as possible.  It’s good to know that there are professionals out there that still care about the people they deal with.  Thanks again!”

    by Barbara M. on 11/25/2015
  • “On my First Court date May 1, 2013 In Lamar, CO we went in and left with a lower charge which was a DWAI instead of a DUI and a deferred sentence . On top of that she also took care of my DMV case and I got to keep my license, No interlock device or restricted driving!! I am happy to say that if I ever in the future need an Attorney, I will definitely use Attorney Marika Frady again!! Highly recommend!!”

    by B. Cruz
  • “Marika Frady is awesome. I’m so glad I hired her to handle my divorce and protection order hearing. I could finally sleep at night without stress because I knew she was taking care of all of the details for me. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an attorney.”

    by MC
  • “I’m not a bad person but I did need help with a criminal charge and my boss told me to talk to Marika Frady.  When I first met Marika she told me not to accept any offers on my case without at least consulting an attorney.  She also told me up front that I could handle the case on my own if I wanted to.  I was so impressed at the consult that I ended up hiring her for my case. She was always early to court dates and I never felt rushed when I asked her questions even though I know with some lawyers you feel like you’re wasting their time.  I think the result of my case was good and I’m glad I trusted her to represent me.  I do not plan to get into trouble again but if I ever need another lawyer, I know who to call.”

    by A. H., December 2013
  • “Thank you for helping me with my problem with my neighbor. You wrote a letter that got my neighbor to act. I couldn’t have done this on my own. You followed up with me and made sure I knew what was happening all along. It was easy to contact you and it seemed like you cared about me and my case. I have told my friends about your office.”

    by Mr. Kim, June 2013

Additional Legal Services in Colorado Springs & El Paso, Teller, Pueblo and Douglas County

  • Step Parent Adoption
  • Protection Orders
  • Social Security Disability
  • Sealing of Criminal Records
  • Juvenile Court
  • DMV Hearings
Does your spouse want to adopt your biological child who is his or her stepchild? Frady Law can help with the extensive paperwork and procedure that surround stepparent adoptions in Colorado. From the first petition to the final hearing, Marika Frady and her team are available to guide you through a complicated process.