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Marika Frady, Esq. – Colorado Springs Attorney at Law

Attorney Marika Frady is a Colorado Springs native.  She graduated from a Colorado Springs high school and maintains close ties with her family and local community.

Marika graduated with a degree in Psychology from the University of Missouri on a full-tuition academic scholarship and received a scholarship to the University of Colorado School of Law in Boulder, Colorado where she earned her Juris Doctorate degree. She was elected President of the National Asian Pacific American Law Student Association in 2002 where she led an organization catering to nearly 4,000 Asian and Pacific Islander students at law schools around the United States.  In 2003, Marika Frady published “Developments in Land-Based Pollution: From Sewer to Shining Sea” (2003 COLO. J. INT’L ENVTL. L. & POL’Y 61) in the Colorado Journal of International Environmental Law and Policy, one of the nation’s leading Environmental Law journals.

Marika Frady spent 6 years as a Deputy District Attorney for the Fourth Judicial District in El Paso County and Teller Counties, and worked as a Special Prosecutor in Trinidad, Colorado.  The Fourth Judicial District Attorney’s Office is known to be the busiest in Colorado and the El Paso County Courthouse has the highest volume of any court in Colorado.  With that type of workload, she learned all aspects of prosecution and litigation, from filing and determining charges in cases, to handling misdemeanors and felonies involving adults, juveniles and veterans. 

She uses her experience both in the courtroom and classroom, as she also teaches college level courses in Paralegal Studies and Criminal Justice. Marika has a wealth of courtroom experience and will help you understand the process and feel comfortable in court.  She has earned a reputation as fair, reasonable and thorough in negotiations with opposing counsel and she takes pride in identifying when and where it is necessary to be aggressive in legal matters.

Her primary practice focus is on issues related to families. She regularly represents and defends parents who have been accused of neglecting their children. These types of cases require a specialized level of care because the ultimate outcome may be termination of parental rights, which goes against fundamental right to parent. Marika works tirelessly to protect families and the rights of parents. This is a practice area to which she devotes much time and study. In addition to dependency and neglect law, Marika handles cases involving divorce and custody as well as juvenile and adult criminal defense.